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Helpful Links for Employers

These helpful links will provide you with plenty of advice on conducting effective interviews, developing effective benefit, incentive and retention strategies, setting competitive salaries and much more.

Salary Calculator This salary calculator is a very useful tool to demonstrate the cost of living in various Canadian and U.S. cities. If you have a candidate considering relocating from Toronto to Atlantic Canada for example, it clearly shows how much further their salary will go here in the east.

Information and Communications Technology Council This link provides a wealth of information pertaining to the information and communications technology labour market.

Interview Tips and Questions These interview tips and questions will help you in you quest for the right talent.  Whether you are preparing for the initial contact with job seekers or engaging in more in-depth follow-up interviews, this link can help you to prepare.

Retaining Top Talent Visit this site for an excellent series of articles about what you can do to retain your best talent. This is a "must visit" site for anyone considering implementing an effective employee retention strategy.

Everything You Need to Know to Set Up an Employee Benefit Package If you are looking at setting up a benefit package for your employees, this is an excellent place to start. This is Canada’s premiere benefits site and explains what is involved in setting up a benefits package, the pros and cons of various types of packages, and even contains a comprehensive database of benefit suppliers. At the home page, just click on the each of the icons at the top of the page.