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About People Reach Consulting

People Reach Consulting is a Recruitment and Human Resource Consulting firm based in Summerville, New Brunswick, Canada specializing in the recruitment of highly skilled technology (IT, biotechnology, scientific, etc.) professionals throughout Canada and the delivery of human resource consulting services across a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

At People Reach, finding the best talent and developing "people potential" is our business. We focus on understanding your business needs and objectives, and we take the time to develop mutually successful, long-term relationships.

We work with you to ensure that you have the appropriate human resource systems, policies and procedures in place to attract and retain top performers in your industry and thereby meet the business goals and objectives set forth in your strategic planning process.

We are committed to delivering cost-effective recruitment and human resource development services that not only meet, but surpass your expectations as an employer. The result - you develop your organization's most valuable asset - your people - to their fullest potential.

Client Testimonials

Our list of personalized services includes the following:

  • Workforce planning
  • Development of recruitment and retention strategies
  • Labour market research
  • Compensation surveys and development of competitive compensation plans
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Development of job descriptions
  • Development of career development paths
  • Development of performance management plans
  • Human resource outsourcing
  • Development of human resource policies and procedures
  • Development of employee orientation training
  • Contingency-based searches
  • Outplacement counseling
  • Exit interviews
  • Team building
  • Interview training for hiring managers

Candidates benefit from People Reach's extensive experience in providing career planning and development services to individuals from a broad range of industry sectors. We look at your career goals and objectives, strengths and weaknesses, work environment preferences and interests and identify positions that enable you to fulfill your career goals.