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Recruitment Strategies

Have you been having difficulty filling critical positions? Is your turnover rate higher than you would like? Have you been losing key employees lately? Do you want to find out why?

In developing any recruitment and retention strategy, it is important to be aware that research has shown that salary, benefits and incentives are not the only, or even the key factors in the success of such strategies.

The five key factors in developing a successful employee recruitment and retention strategy are as follows:

  • Ensuring a positive relationship with the employee’s direct supervisor
  • Providing the opportunity for employees to remain marketable by assisting them to improve their work skills and abilities
  • Ensuring employees are actively involved in work-related decisions that affect them directly or indirectly
  • Making sure employees attain the sense of accomplishment that comes from achieving goals and working on interesting and challenging projects
  • Allowing employees to share in the financial success their efforts help generate.

In designing an incentive/benefits/retention package to attract and retain top candidates, People Reach will first assess your organization in relation to the above five key factors as well look at your salary/benefits/incentive packages in relation to your industry sector. Then we will develop a recruitment and retention strategy tailored specifically to the needs of your organization. The retention strategy will not only include salary, benefits and formal incentives, but will also address the less tangible issues that often make the difference between attracting and retaining or losing candidates and employees.