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Professional Search Service

Visit our list of recently filled positions to find out more about People Reach's recruiting expertise in the IT industry.

People Reach's professional search service manages the entire recruitment process for you.  This process involves the following steps:

1. Position Analysis and Profile

In this step, we take the time to develop a complete understanding of your organization as well as specific candidate requirements. We meet with you to learn more about your firm's mission, goals, objectives and corporate culture.

We work with you to define specific job duties, roles and responsibilities as well as desirable candidate qualities. This information is used to develop a position profile which is used as the basis for conducting the search.


2. Candidate Identification

People Reach will identify prospective candidates through a variety of sources, including the People Reach database, leading Internet resume databases, personal contacts within the industry, and extensive Internet searches and postings.


3. Candidate Evaluation

People Reach conducts a pre-screening assessment of the availability, suitability and level of interest of candidates identified. Thorough interviews are then conducted with the most promising individuals to assess their education, background, achievements, personal suitability, career goals and expectations.

People Reach will also work with you to develop situational interview questions to assess candidate technical skills and abilities. Formal testing of technical skills is also available if desired.


4. Candidate Profile Report

People Reach will provide you with a written report profiling the candidates considered most suitable for the position. This profile includes a copy of the candidates' resumes and a summary evaluation of each candidate.

This evaluation is based upon the results of the interviews in relation to your unique job requirements. If candidates underwent technical testing, these results are also provided.


5. Coordination of Follow-Up Interviews

People Reach will coordinate candidate interviews with your firm. We will then follow-up with each individual interviewed to discuss their level of interest, questions and concerns.

People Reach will also follow-up with you to determine your level of interest in the candidates. Should you be interested in offering a candidate the position, People Reach will conduct thorough reference checks for that individual, providing you with written comments of the results.


6. The Offer Process

During the offer process, People Reach will act as a third party mediator to facilitate negotiations.

Once an offer has been accepted, we will continue to work closely with the candidate, assisting him/her with relocation and other issues as required.


7. Candidate Follow-Up

People Reach will maintain close contact with you and the candidate until s/he is on board. We continue to maintain regular contact with both you and the candidate to ensure s/he has become a productive, successful member of your business team.


8. The People Reach Guarantee

We guarantee our candidates for a full six months from their start date. If a candidate should resign from or be terminated from their position before the six month anniversary of their start date, People Reach will provide a replacement at no charge.